Truck Drivers Need to Stay Fit on the Road

Truck drivers spend pretty much all of their time sitting. That is what it takes to drive a truck for any distance and they have to go long distances. If you are a truck driver, you are perfectly aware that it is tough to get the exercise you need when you need it most.

So you are wondering, How Do Truck Driver’s Stay Fit? There are ways. It starts with diet. It is a challenge to get the right foods. It is a huge temptation to eat fast food and unfortunately that is what you often get to eat. It is better to look for restaurants and stores that offer healthier eating options.

At the same time, the healthy foods may not be available, especially in rural areas. The long roads are loaded with fast food and comfort food stops for the purpose of attracting all kinds of travelers who are just out on the occasional trip.

There are things you can do about this. Prepare some meals ahead of time and after your trip when you can get to a kitchen of some sort. Some truck companies provide good kitchens at their yards. There are also some places to stop that offer amenities. Try to pack light snacks that do not need refrigeration.

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The exercise is the tough part. The good news is there are a few good ways to get good exercise while on the road. It is possible to get a gym membership to a national gym but those are not always located on the routes that you travel.

Bring jogging shoes so you can go running on any of the walking trails that you can find at truck stops or otherwise. If not running, then walking is a good form of exercise too. Keep it swift, at a fast pace and it can be just as good as running. You just need to go a little further.

Get some exercise bands. Since it is somewhat difficult to keep free weights in the cab, the bands are a great substitute. You simply attach them either inside the truck or to trees or other structures and go for it. It is surprising how many exercises you can get done with the exercise bands.

You can bring some simple dumb bells with you on the road too. Those are good for keeping up your arm and shoulder strength and you can use them for lunges. They are good for a quick little workout along with the exercise bands.

The next idea is kettle bells. You can get a few different sizes and they are easy to store in the truck. Find a good site for a kettle bell workout and you will be surprised at how much of a good exercise challenge it is. Get a great workout that way and combine it with walking or running.

A folding bicycle is great to have. If you do not like running, biking is such an excellent substitute. Keep the folded bike in the truck.