Features Of Rotary Automobile Lifts


rotary lift for saleasymmetrical or rotary lift

All property owners wishing to utilize their additional building space for parking should take into account all material factors related to turning this aspect of property ownership into a viable operation. But in seeking out a rotary lift for sale that matches their properties’ infrastructure, they should be pleased to learn that asymmetrical or rotary lifts are durable, versatile and robust enough to manage space limitations, if these exist.

The asymmetrical or rotary lift stations the vehicle being carried to the rear of its columns. It is these columns that will rotate. Carriage arms are at different lengths. This is to allow for maximum door opening capabilities and subsequent access to the vehicle. The rotating columns align the vehicle’s center of gravity with the lift, creating a load equalizer for the carriage and columns, and bearings. Such lifts are perfect for carrying standard sized cars and light trucks.

Their carrying capacities range from seven thousand to ten thousand pounds in weight. A purchased rotary lift carries benefits for the property owner and his tenants as well. A properly loaded lift allows for its carried vehicle to be positioned at a minimum of twenty-four inches away from its nearest obstruction. In this confined space, there is room enough for the car doors to be opened. Asymmetrical lifting allows for columns to be rotated at thirty degrees.

This allows for placing the approximate center of gravity of the car in line with its optimum loading capacity, in line with the column. It also reduces unnecessary wear and tear of columns, its carriage and attached and installed bearings.  Symmetrical lifts, on the other hand, center the car from front to rear within the bay. The columns are positioned directly across from each other and facing each other.

Installed arms are of equal length. This lift gives the tenant more drive through maneuverability. The vehicle and the lift’s centers of gravity are aligned. This allows for loads to be equalized. Loads of columns, carriages and bearings face no stresses. Symmetrical lifts are suited for the carriage of all types of commercial vehicles, including trucks and vans. Their weight carrying capacity ranges from ten thousand to eighteen thousand pounds.

Now, shockwave equipped lifts are now in operation. This trademarked car lift version is billed as the ‘world’s fastest’ lifts. It has lift times of no more than twenty-five seconds, carrying a vehicle up, and nineteen seconds, bringing a vehicle down. This fast operating lift is guided by a laser spotting guide and ‘quick-set superstructure choices’. Shock wave equipped lifts are sustainably battery operated. They have built in chargers.

Battery installations have allowed for a savings in installation costs of up to eighty percent. And while the lift is essentially utilizing less electricity, the property owner’s operating costs are reduced. In view of the fact that the property owner is able to pack more vehicles into ‘cramped’ spaces he is still able to generate a good and viable income as a going concern.